Build Your Own Library!

Anyone can design and build their own little library. And for those who don’t have the resources to do so, can help.

Before you start, here are some things to consider courtesy of

  1. The first Little Libraries were roughly 20″ wide by 15″ deep by 18″ high and on a sturdy post or secure foundation. Feel free to vary the dimensions as you see appropriate.
  2. Use recycled and found materials if you can. The Green Project is an excellent place to start.
  3. Demonstrate green building techniques and materials whenever possible.
  4. Build and finish the Library to last. Use screws rather than nails, and several coats of stain, paint or sealer.
  5. Don’t be limited to building the same thing everyone else does. Look over these Pinterest and Flickr pages for inspiration. See what others have built for inspiration and realize anyone can do it.
  6. Use your imagination! Finally, once your Library has been built, Contact Us so that we can stay in touch and add your library to the map of the New Orleans Little Free Libraries. Also consider registering your library to place your library on the world map.